GDPR Blumatica (multinational)


The complete software for managing the protection of personal data.

Implementation of the model of organization and management of personal data within the meaning of GDPR 2016/679

From 15 years of experience that began with Blumatica privacy, is born the new Blumatica GDPR.

GDPR Blumatica is a computer system that allows you to manage all the problems relating to the treatment of personal data for any type of organization, from small business to big business.

Who is it addressed to?

The solution is aimed at professionals who work on behalf of our clients through service contracts and to medium and large businesses that decide to adopt a management system in the house.

The possibility of implementing a model of organization and management. It is possible to adopt a code of conduct and implement a model of organization for the protection of personal data.

Why use a Code of Conduct?

It is specified that the supervisory authorities, in defining the “quantum” of the sanction shall take into account the greater guarantees that offer models of organization (certificates and not) implemented by adhering to a code of conduct.

What we need to do to be compliance with Regulation GDPR?

You must first assess the current state of an organization to be able to plan the tasks to perform to conform. GDPR Blumatica allows you to do a self assessment in order to propose in automatic remediation efforts by examining the following aspects:

  •  Is there a policy for the management of personal data?
  •  Is the information updated and consistent with the new regulations?
  • Have they been appointed to the subjects in charge?
  •  Is there an obligation to appoint the DPO? For the types of treatments performed is there a need of the Registers of treatment?
  • Is it carried out the risk assessment for the activities of treatment?
  • Is it necessary the DPIA?

On 14 April 2016 was definitively approved the European Regulation in the field of Data Protection. The new norm abolishes integrally the Privacy Directive 95/46/EC on the protection of personal data and all must adapt by 25 May 2018.

The regulation introduces a series of innovations in the field of obligations and rights and the consequent risks relevant to companies from the economic point of view ( penalties   up to 4% of turnover worldwide) and image ( the possible consequences of a computer incident that puts at risk the integrity or confidentiality of the data). All public and private subjects carrying out the treatment of personal data (stored in electronic form and/or paper) are obliged to comply with the formalities laid down by the legislation. failure involves the compensation for damages in respect of the individuals whose personal data have been improperly used as well as the application of administrative and criminal sanctions.


Blumatica Web GDPR is an application completely cloud that does not require any installation.

Accessible at any time and in any place simply by arranging an Internet connection.

It is usable also in mobile version on tablets and smartphones.

The system is hosted at the Datacenter Blumatica offering it the guarantee that the data physically reside on web servers that are allocated in a special Server Farm in possession of all the requirements laid down by law.

Collaboration and Sharing

Check list of self-assessment and Workspace customers.

It is possible to send to the customer the check list to be completed in order to detect the tasks to perform for adaptation to GDPR.

The check list compiled, besides being a source of inspiration for the evaluations and quotes, can be used to automatically create the company and the related data (demographics, places, appoints).

Organizational structure, the results of the evaluations and documentation produced can be shared with customers.

The possibility of sharing with the opportunity to record any type of signals   will maintain a system always updated.


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Blumatica GDPR is a product of  Blumatica S.r.l.

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