GDPR Blumatica allows effecting:

Management Appoints

The software allows an easy insertion of the subject responsible for the processing of personal data ( Owners, Joint proprietors, DPO, Responsible of the treatments, Authorized persons) and immediate makes the composition of letters of appointment for each of the roles were drawn.

Data banks to set completely customizable

 Infrastructure and data processing tools, processing activities and security measures are some of the elements provided for in the bank data supplied with the software.

Management of registers of the activity of the treatment

 It is possible to make an inventory of all the activities of treatment data, computerized and not by defining all the basic parameters including:

  • Purpose, data categories and interested
  • Mode of data processing and related instruments
  • Cancellation policy
  • Security measures taken to ensure the integrity and availability of data
  • Transfer data to third countries

Information documented

compliance with regulation is not translated with the compilation of the registers of the treatment; the organization must demonstrate that they have appropriate documentation in function of its own degree of complexity.

The software, among other, allows to write the following information documented:

  • Policy for the treatment of personal data
  • Letters of appointment
  • list of treatments of personal data the
  • evaluation of the risks that are incumbent on the data
  • DPIA- Data Protection Impact Assessment
  • Information and request consents
  • data transmission modules of the supervisory authority (guarantor)

Risk Assessment

The software allows you to perform risk analysis for each treatment as a function of a matrix of risks fully customizable, also for every type of business.


Downstream of the risk analysis, the software recognizes the activities for which it is necessary to perform the assessment relating to the impacts to which would encounter a treatment where should be breached the data protection measures. Since it was not defined a methodology for the DPIA is used a method patent pending designed by Blumatica.


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